Each and every one of us possesses a celestial blueprint called the natal chart or birth chart that holds the key to our past, present, and future.

Mini Birth Chart Reading

20 minute mini Natal Chart Reading. Your first session will be a conversation about your Sun, Moon and Rising (or Ascendant) signs, which are the most influential aspects of a person’s astrological chart. You will uncover how these influence your personality, emotions, ambitions, relationships, career choices, etc. You’ll receive a copy of your natal chart and a basic understanding of it.

Perfect for astrology beginners or first-time astrology seekers

$30 USD

In-Depth Birth Chart Reading

60 minute astrology Natal Chart Reading session that helps you to get a general analysis of your personality, life pattern (love + career), and life purpose.

Perfect for those who are ready to get to know themselves a little deeper.

BONUS: 20+ pages of a complete Natal Chart Report (printable PDF)

$75 USD