How did I find Reiki? 

In 2020, I was depressed, lonely, anxious, unable to sleep, and questioning if I should end my life.

I had just moved to Madrid, Spain by myself, ready to start a new adventure. 
But, that dream died when one of the world’s strictest Covid-19 lockdowns began.
I was homebound for months, with no human touch or companionship, forbidden by law to even take a walk outside. 
I kept in contact with friends and family over calls, but still, my heart and mind deteriorated.  

I laid on the floor of my living room for hours.
Staring at the ceiling, crying, wanting to no longer exist. Detaching from reality.
Nothing in my self-care arsenal prepared me for this— no amount of bubble baths, bon-bons, positivity quotes, or journaling helped. 
I slept through my days to fast forward the misery of this endless lockdown.

I searched for ways to ease the pain.
In a Facebook group I was in, many ladies shared their positive experiences receiving Reiki.  I was skeptical, as I had tried Reiki years before and felt absolutely nothing. But still, I was desperate for a solution, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to re-try. As soon as I was able to leave my home, I booked my appointment. 

The Reiki practitioner was warm & kind. 
She didn’t speak English and I didn’t speak much Spanish, but as soon as I laid down on her table, I knew something strange was happening. 
I felt completely relaxed- and my worries temporarily dissolved.
With my eyes closed, I felt her hands hovering over my body. 

When she reached my neck, I felt something physically shift inside my throat, as if something became unlodged that had been stuck there for a very long time. 

I felt sensations of warmth, and tingling and peace throughout my body.  

At the end of our session, she told me exactly where I had blockages in my body- my throat, heart, and root (base of spine) chakras a.k.a “energy centers” were stuck. 
She told me these blockages were contributing to many of my ongoing medical issues like sciatica, jaw pain, depression, and more. 
I was floored. 
I had told her nothing about my ailments. No doctor had ever been able to just *know* what was hurting inside me like she did. 

I was a believer! 

I returned to her for many more sessions. Each time I felt an injection of energy and life back into my body, I felt like ME again! Eventually, she encouraged me to begin learning Reiki so I could continue healing myself. 
Over the course of the year, I found a Reiki training program & a mentor, became certified, and started my journey to help ease the suffering of others. 

Reiki turned my life around. 

And now, it is my greatest pleasure & privilege to be able to share this light and healing with you.